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Betto Alice


In the article I will tell you about my race at the Italian Sprint Triathlon Championships on September 26, 2020 in Lignano.

My result at the Italian Sprint Triathlon Championship

7 October 2017 – 26 September 2020, 1085 day after the Italian Olympic Triathlon Championships I returned to compete with the Fiamme Oro uniform, honored and excited for what was my first race of an overwhelming 2020, which ended with a fourth place which left room for reflection and was a stimulus to return to training with greater determination than in the last period.

I competed with a no draft format, different from what I’m used to, and this confused me, despite finding it interesting. I faced the competition aware of my non-optimal physical condition, given by a different preparation in the past months compared to the seasonal program that I follow during the summer period. It was useful to savor the competitive atmosphere again, because what I need now is to arouse positive stimuli and to make functional intermediate steps to better prepare myself for next season.

Analysis on the first Triathlon race held after Covid-19

Alice Betto | Campionati Italiani Triathlon Lignano 2020

It has been a difficult year to manage at a sporting level, due to Covid which blocked the entire sporting season and forced the IOC to move the Tokyo Olympics. Therefore, recalibrating the objectives after having upset the original program conditioned all the preparation. From this point of view, sport itself has suffered some consequences: for example, the lack of an audience is certainly a note to consider, as the emotions that a race gives you are also given by the warmth of the people who encourage the athletes at every step. They are positive stimuli.

What I got from this race

At the end of each race, analyzing the performance, I always try to get some interesting ideas to work on to push myself beyond my limits in the next competition. From these championships, in particular, I bring home a good training, a point from which to restart to better prepare myself for the next season and the Tokyo Olympics, with the awareness that the road towards the goal I have set for myself is still very long. and it will require a determined and concrete approach every day, progressively raising the pace and intensity.

I’m ready to go with the Above The Limits Triathlon.

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