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Betto Alice


Hi, are you ready to follow me on my My Bike My Italy tour?

Usually at this time of year I am around the World to compete in Triathlon races, at a fundamental moment to measure the work I have done during the year and how much I have managed to improve on the previous year: the summer it flies quickly for the adrenaline in my body and for the desire to compete by raising my level daily. Because of Covid-19, I will spend this season without competitions, but always with my sport and my Specialized Venge.

My Bike My Italy

I’ve always been curious and eager to discover new places and, fortunately, Italy never ceases to amaze me. Since I got to know triathlon, my way of traveling and observing the landscape has changed; my Venge is the means that most of all allows me to appreciate its beauty and have an immersive relationship with nature.

In July I went to Circeo for the first time, a land that still retains the charm of the myth. The climb of Monte Circeo at 6 in the morning towards the lighthouse above San Felice, amid the intoxicating scents of the Mediterranean scrub, the cobalt blue of the sky and the sparkle of the marina was challenging and magical at the same time. I like to get up at dawn on summer mornings and ride the deserted streets, enjoying peace and silence: a state of wonder unites free thoughts with an innocent gaze on the world and things. In fact, the most beautiful discovery of this bike ride was the panoramic road that leads from Sperlonga to Itri: a view of the gulf from above that pays off every effort, with 150 km taken home without realizing it!

My Bike My Italy Alice Betto Triathlon

Moving to the sea for the weekend allowed me not only to discover new places, but also to appreciate a moment of relaxation on the beach that I rarely have the opportunity to have. The wild aspect of the sand dunes that separate the sea from the green scrub around Sabaudia makes this place unique. Wanting to fantasize reminds me (very small) of the Australian Gold Coast!
The sea water is pleasantly refreshing, as well as regenerating to recover energy after morning training.

I’ll meet you next Tuesday, always on board my Venge, for another story surrounded by nature. Follow me on the tour on my social accounts, with the hashtag #MyBikeMyItaly.


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