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Betto Alice


After the story of Versilia, the third weekend of my #MyBikeMyItaly aboard my Venge was to discover the Conero. In this episode I will tell:

  • le colline del Conero
  • i borghi del Conero
  • il triathlon e il rapporto uomo/natura

I had never been to this area of the Marche; fortunately, living in Rome is easily accessible for a weekend away.

Conero Hills

The Conero Riviera and the rolling hills of the Marche hinterland are the most evocative of the Marche, they are a real gem of this region: the small perched villages (such as Recanati and Loreto), the “giant” sunflowers that color the fields of intense yellow, the aromas and flavors that make the vineyards of this Italian area unique.

Conero Girasoli

Conero Villages

Pedaling up and down the slopes of the hills, I was able to admire Mount Conero from every perspective that rises over the sea. The towns of Sirolo and Numana rise overhanging the sea and offer a breathtaking view of the wonderful white beaches and the deep blue sea.

The road to go down to the sea is often steep, it is not easily accessible, and this makes this area even more special. Personally, I appreciate more the nature still in the wild, not altered by human intervention and not easily accessible.

Triathlon and the relationship between man and nature

Since I have been practicing triathlon, I have realized that I feel the need to be in contact with nature more. Outdoor sports greatly sensitize the relationship between man and nature.

As a young girl I always swam in the pool, I have always been in closed and confined places, so much so that when I started running I did it inside an athletics track, because I was scared of going on the street alone and not cycling. I was more than 20/30 kilometers away from home. While the open waters were a big obstacle to deal with, they scared me.

Conero Alice

The good fortune of being a person of a curious nature helped me to approach the external environment with less and less fear. Discovering new places was a stimulus to tackle training. This is how my passion for discovery and travel was born. These weekends were truly a blast from the past, when I started doing triathlons for fun.

Not only my return to origins, but also a return to the light-heartedness of the beginnings!