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Betto Alice

Welcome to Alice’s world!

Hi everyone, I’m Alice Betto and since 2014 I’m a professional Triathlon athlete.

I live in Rome with Alessandro, my husband, and I love arts, food and travelling. But you already know that, you can see it from my photos and videos I daily post on my social media. I’d like you to know more about myself, letting you enter my world to tell you my life at 360-degrees: my life as a Triathlon athlete with my races and past results, and my private life, sharing with you my biggest passions.


This is the main reason why I decided to launch my website. Did you have the chance to browse it a bit? Do you like it? If you don’t have anything better to do, I hold your hand and I guide you through this new illustrated and digital house. Follow me:

In Homepage, there is an overview of the website, with the main pages that you can surf by playing a virtual triathlon race, swimming through the Alice section where I’ll tell you about me, my life and my passions. After the swimming stage, you can get on the saddle of my Specialized and pedal in the Triathlon section, between my goals of the past and my future races that today unfortunately are all cancelled due to the Covid-19. This is the phase of the most important race: you have to take advantage and then run straight to the finish line in the last part of the race. Get off your bike and run and read my blog, you won’t regret it. I will tell you what I live and feel in my life, with the vivid colors of art, the taste of cooking, of my cooking, and with the joy of travels.
Here I will also tell you about my journey to the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, a dream I have been chasing for 11 years and I want to share with you in the column #LealiPerTokyo.

Now you are close to the finish line. I have got you here and I recommend you to continue the journey around n the Alice’s world by going in Home!

See you in the next fews days with new content.

Stay Tuned!